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Can you hike Joffre Lakes during the winter?

The Joffre Lakes hike is just as spectacular in the winter as it is during the summer. The lakes normally freeze over from November until March. There are fewer visitors to the park during the winter. It is recommended that you wear the appropriate clothing as it can get very cold - especially at Upper Joffre Lakes. Snow shoes, shoes with micro spikes or crampons should be enough to get you over the snow/ice.

How busy does the trail get?

The Joffre Lakes hike is one of the most popular hikes in BC. On weekends and even during the week it can get pretty busy. Parking can be challenge as there are only a small parking lot and an overflow parking lot available. Taking a bus service from Vancouver can help avoid any issues you may experience with parking.

Is there public transport from Vancouver to the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?

There is no public transport from Vancouver to the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. However, LIVV Adventures Inc. provides an environmentally friendly, affordable and convenient Joffre Bus Service that allows people to take a day trips from Vancouver to Joffre Lakes on most days from May until October. Parking spaces at the Park is very limited and fill up very early. It is illegal to park on the highway and you may get towed. Visit HERE for more information.

Is there drinkable water on the hike?

Halfway up the mountain, a drinking fountain is provided. To be safe use a lifestraw from the streams along the way. The water is ice cold and tastes amazing!

When is the best time to visit Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?

The seasons at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park are very destinct. During the winter months (November to April) the lakes are frozen and you can expect to find a lot of snow on the trail and surrounding mountains. During the winter months, Joffre Lakes remain a popular place for snow shoers and other adventure seekers. Typically the lakes and ice start to melt around mid-April and the lakes start to reveal their hidden beauty. The summer season stretches between mid-May and the end of September. This is the period of the year when most people visit the park. Weekends normally get very busy during the summer season, so visiting Joffre Lakes during the week is highly recommended. Autumn normally arrives in October. This is a very scenic time of the year when the lakes are at its bluest, trees start changing its colour and the surrounding mountains get dusted by the first snow of the winter season. The photos below show what you can expect to see at Joffre Lakes for each month of the year. It starts from January (top left) and reads like a book until you will find December at the bottom right.

I recently read in the news about a landslide on Joffre Peak. Is this impacting Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?

No. "The Joffre Lakes basin was not impacted and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and the associated trail system and campgrounds remain open as normal" - BC Parks. It is not impacting Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and the park remains safe and open to the public. What happened? On Sunday May 12, there was a significant large bedrock failure event from Joffre Peak. Joffre Peak is not part of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and faces the Cerise Creek valley basin to the northeast of Joffre Peak. The Joffre Lakes basin was not impacted, nor is it at risk. For more information, visit the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park page on BC Park's website

What are the current conditions at Joffre Lakes?

As of the 29th of May 2019, the trail and lakes are free of ice. It is a beautiful time of the year to visit Joffre Lakes as it can get very crowded in summer - especially on weekends. To get the latest news, images and weather forecasts for Joffre Lakes, follow @joffrelakes on Instagram.

What is the parking situation like at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park?

Parking at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is limited and it is common to find both the main and the overflow parking lots full by 09:00 on a busy weekend. In order to address overcrowding during peak summer months, BC Parks has implemented several safety measures in 2019, including towing vehicles illegally parked on Highway 99. They have also introduced a weekend shuttle bus (a school bus) that connects Joffre Lakes to the Duffey Lakes Provincial Park Parking lot, located 16km away. The shuttle bus will set you back $10pp and has a limited schedule. The shuttle is not very reliable and has been known to arrive late as reported by this article. The best alternatives are: 1) Take the return Joffre Bus from Vancouver and Whistler that will reduce the hassle of finding a parking space. This bus service is affordable and uses high-end shuttle buses and vans that run on weekends and on most weekdays during the summer (May - October). 2) Consider visiting Joffre Lakes during the week when there are fewer visitors.

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